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Helicopter Sales & Parts Supply
Since 1993 the first delivery of Ka-32 for Korean customer,
Now 62 units of Russian helicopters including Mi-172, Ka-32A11BC are operating in Korea.
RHF moves toward specialized MRO and supplier of Russian helicopters.
Fire FightingSearch & RescueSpecial MissionCommercial
30 units13 units10 units9 units
Powerful performance and flight safety in structural advantages of Russian Helicopters enables to execute multifuel mission.
It’s performance and technology is being developed continuously.
Introduce Russian Helicopters
Assemble and A/S supportTechnical support
Technical development and installation of Optional equipmentTechnical documentation support
Schedule maintenance / E&I and OverhaulAirworthiness support
Modernization & Upgrade

Maintenance References

ClassificationWork descriptionResults
Airframe overhaul
Performance of airframe overhaul
(Inspection and Reconditioning Works)
More than 50 Helicopters
300/600hrs scheduled inspectionPerformance of inspections of the Radio/Electronic equipment and Navigation15 Helicopters/year
1000 hrs scheduled inspectionPerformance of work on the major components and important parts (Gearboxes, Rotor Masts, Blades and etc.)More than 60 Helicopters
Recovery of flooded helicoptersPerformance of work on cable re-wiring and units replacement5 Helicopters
Heating systemSimplex tank anti-icing system installation16 Helicopters
(Dust Protective Device)
Engine protection device installation37 Helicopters
Production and installation of air conditioner for aircraftMore than 10 Helicopters
Maintenance Capability

(Aircraft or Airship less than MTOW 5,700Kg)
ALLALL-Remark 3
KumAPEKa-32 Series
EUROCOPTERAS-350 SeriesRemark 1-
Bell HelicopterBell 412 SeriesRemark 2
Bell 206 SeriesRemark 2
Remark 1) Only Simplex Model 210 Spray System Installation
Remark 2) Only Maintenance which is specified in Maintenance Manual
(Excluding Overhaul, Major Repair and Modification)
Remark 3) Only SSR Transponder A,C,S Mode Inspection
C1,C2, C3, C5, C6, C7, C9, C10, C11, C12, C13, C14, C18, C20 Maintenance specified in accordance with Capability List of AMOPM
Modernization & Optional Equipment
Fire Fighting

◎ Period - 1993 ~ Present
◎ Application - 60 sets of Ka-32
◎ Participants - RHF, KumAPE, Simplex
◎ Major System - Fire Fighting, Spray, Chemical Deployment
Air Condition

▪ Introduced as Optional Equip. for Ka-32A11BC(ADEX 2013)
▪ Installed on Ka-32A11BC, Shang Hai Police In China
▪ Installation & Sales

ᆞInstalled on Ka-32 for fire fighting mission(8ea)

ᆞSales to manufacturer (for Ka-32 & Mi-17)

▪ Uses Environmentally Friendly R-134a Refrigerant
▪ Compressor Provides 45,000 kcal/h(178,500 BTU)
▪ Performance

ᆞ Cabin Temp. 21~24℃ (OAT 30℃ / 30 min)

Part NumberDescription
KKA-5000-1Ka-32 Air Conditioner
Engine retrofit program

Main advantages:
▪ Increased service life
▪ Digital interface and control
▪ Digital counting of service life including heavy lift cycles
▪ High-hot operational capabilities
▪ Improved reliability
▪ Adopted for operation in fire-fighting and Repeat Heavy Lifts
(external load operations)
▪ Lower operational costs of helicopter operation
Retrofit program

Purposes of retrofit program :
▪ Upgrade of Korean fleet to modern technical configuration adopted to Customer’s requirements
▪ Safety level increase. Upgrade to certified model
▪ Crew workload reduce
▪ Maintenance program optimization
▪ Service life extension up to 32000 hours
▪ Operational efficiency increase based on operational costs decrease and helicopter performances and capabilities improvement
▪ Options list extension
▪ Increased external load capacity up to 5500 kg (in basic configuration) without replacement of rotor blades, gearbox, rotor mast, engines
▪ After-sales support improvement
Ballonet system

▪ Unfolding tme : 4 ~ 6 sec.
▪ Ballonet system for ocean flight
▪ Quick unfolding system ensures successful mission and viability at sea.
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