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Krasny Oktiabr - Gearbox 제작사

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The Krasny Oktyabr Machine-Building Enterprise is a major producer of helicopter engines and components, as well as being the only producer ofhelicopter engine transmissions in the former USSR. It also has produced fighter jet engines and rocket engines. Formerly subordinated to the Ministry of the Aviation Industry, it had a total employment of about 7,000 in 1992.

Military products included helicopter engines, generators, andtransmissions; fighter jet engines; rocket engines. The Krasnyy Oktyabr enterprise did serial production of engines developed by the Klimov Design Bureau in St. Petersburg. Klimov Scientific Production Association, St. Petersburg. The enterprise was established in 1944 as a design bureau for aircraft engines, headed by Chief Designer Vladimir Yakovlevich klimov. The Klimov Plant, together with its own experimental prototype plant, the Klimov Machine-Building Plant, form the Klimov Scientific Production Association. The Klimov enterprise continues to concentrate on development and production of aircraft and helicopter engines, including engines for the MiG-29 fighter and Il-114 civil transport. Klimov engines are produced at the Krasnyy Oktyabr Plant. The Klimov Plant is exempt from privatization by the July 12, 1996 Decree of the Government #802.

Conversion products included mopeds, engines for small tractors, snowmobiles,small motorcycles, gas turbine engines of various sizes, transmissions self-propelled cultivators, home water heaters, small winches, kitchen knives, footwear-making equipment, and medical equipment.

In the late 1990s VPK "MAPO" was the largest in Russia concern engaged in development, manufacture, delivery and after sale maintenance of combat and civil aircraft. It integrated a number of leading enterprises of the Russian aircraft industry: enterprises on manufacture of engines, reduction gear and other aircraft accessories located in St. Petersburg: "Zavod named after V. Ya. Klimov" and machine-building enterprise "Krasny Oktyabr " as well as Moscow enterprises : Tushinskoe machine-building design bureau "Soyuz " and "Moscow machine-building enterprise named after V.V. Chernyshov".