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UMPO - Rotor Mast 제작사

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Ufa Engine Industrial Association is the largest aeroengine building complex in Russia. UMPO is always at the top of the rating of the Russian largest plants showing positive dynamics of commercial output.
The company conferred more than 50 government and international awards. More than 19 thousands employees work at UMPO`s premises.
Nowadays UMPO produces turbojet engines for Su-22, Su-25, Su-27, Su-30, Su-34, MiG-21, MiG-27, engine D-436TP for Be-200 amphibian, as well as transmissions for helicopter types Mi-26, Ka-32.

On photo: Аrtyukhov A., Pustovgarov Y., Ivakh A.New direction of UMPO`s activities is manufacturing industrial gas turbines. Production of gas turbine drive AL-31ST used on 16 MW gas pumping units and AL-31STE for moduled power stations of 20MW have been launched on the basis of AL-31F aeroengine.

We offer after-sales warranty maintenance, repair of units renewing all operating characteristics of engines, equipment modernization and personnel training.

We use high technologies to produce both civil and military science-intensive products.

We possess a packet of licences and certificates for production and repair of aviation equipment as well as for designing and production of gas power and oil equipment.